I've been running on very little sleep lately, and this dreary New England weather is making it nearly impossible to fake being bright and chipper. Soon my coffee induced alertness will fail me, and the inevitable crash from sleep deprivation will occur. Here's to hoping it happens when I'm in close proximity to my comfy bed, and not on public transportation of any sort! The last thing I need is to be woken up by a stranger after sleeping through my stop. Yikes!

Anyways, I thought these pictures would be appropriate today because, not only is this Old Navy sweatshirt incredibly comfortable and what I'll be lounging in as soon as I get home, but I look very sleepy in these photos. I try to look bright eyed and bushy tailed in all of my outfit photos, but sometimes sleepiness is too hard to hide, and I'm forced to show you my less glamorous side. I hope you can forgive me! :)


sweatshirt: old navy
skirt: j. crew (borrowed)
boots: bandolino
bangle: j. crew

Photos by Karina

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