110 in 1,100

As you all know, I love making lists! I find the act of listing to be soothing, stress relieving, and one of the few ways to sort through all of the crazy yet exciting thoughts that constantly dance around my mind. Inspired by both a favorite blogger of mine, Mackenzie, the creator of Design Darling, and one of my all time favorite movies, A Walk to Remember, I decided to forgo a traditional list of resolutions in favor of making a bucket list of sorts. But unlike a bucket list, my list is designed to be completed in a little over 3 years; 1,100 days to be exact! The amount of things I want to accomplish and places I want to visit is endless and always changing, so for now I have drawn up a list of 110 experiences, places, and things that I want to complete in the next 1,100 days. 

I'll be honest with you, creating this list was equal parts exciting and challenging, but I find the time limit slightly daunting, yet completely doable. There are a few goals  I plan on achieving in the next couple years, but have left off of this list because they are more personal. I'm sure I'll share my more private goals once they are completed, but for now I give you the 110 things that I plan to complete in the next 1,100 days! I can't wait to share my experiences with all of you and to see which people in my life will be joining me on this journey.    

110 in 1,100 
     start: january 15th  

1. Throw my first dinner party
2. Visit 3 new(ish) states
3. Try 5 new cocktail recipes
4. Take a glamping trip
5. Own a dog
6. Go parasailing
7. Take a ballroom dancing class
8. Learn how to blow glass
9. Move to a new place
10. Attend a blogging conference
11. Create personalized stationary
12. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee
13. Plan a girls' trip
14. Rent a houseboat
15. Run a half marathon
16. Take a cooking/baking lesson
17. Eat vegan for 2 weeks
18. Buy some cook books
19. Make 20 new dishes from the new cook books
20. Help someone start their own blog
21. Learn how to knit & crochet
22. Knit/crochet a blanket
23. Find my signature scent
24. Take a barre class
25. Re-vamp my blog layout
26. Create an editorial schedule for my blog
27. Be featured on another blog
28. Collaborate with one of my favorite brands
29. Purchase my own DSLR camera
30. Spend a weekend without technology (except a camera!)
31. Purchase my own Christmas tree
32. Learn about a new religion
33. Send holiday cards out one year
34. Write 50 cards and send via snail mail
35. Sing karaoke
36. Learn a new language
37. Take an RV trip
38. Read 30 new books
39. Bake & decorate a 3 layer cake
40. Organize my jewelry
41. Complete 3 DIY projects from Pinterest
42. Make my own friendsgiving dinner
43. Try a juice cleanse
44. Get a blow-out
45. Make ice cream from scratch
46. Go zip lining
47. Be a guest writer for another blog or magazine
48. Visit a new country
49. Plan a gourmet picnic
50. Get my first professional massage
51. See a double feature
52. Buy a stranger a meal
53. Find a charity that I'm passionate about
54. Throw a themed party
55. Go to a concert for one of my favorite artists
56. Pay for a nice family dinner
57. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months
58. Go to an ice bar
59. Rock climbing
60. Learn how to shoot a gun
61. Go without refined sugar for 2 weeks
62. Swim at least 5 laps without stopping
63. Invest in 5 coffee table books
64. Go to a yoga class three times a week for 1 month
65. Learn my grandma's recipes for my favorite Japanese foods
66. Spend an entire day in bed
67. Go one month without buying coffee
68. See a musical on Broadway
69. Learn about stocks and investing
70. Decorate my next apartment
71. Apple picking
72. Find a mentor
73. Visit a topless beach
74. Donate blood for the first time
75. Send a gift to my mom, dad, and sister out of the blue
76. Learn and perfect my dad's secret sauce recipe
77. Gamble in a casino
78. Volunteer at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter
79. Take a pottery class
80. Go one month without buying lunch
81. Organize a fishing trip
82. Learn how to use photoshop
83. Be in two states at the same time
84. Attend comic con
85. (Re)learn how to play an instrument
86. Watch a horse race
87. Take a trip to a vineyard
88. Go paintballing
89. Learn the game of football
90. Go to a NFL or NBA game
91. Make a raw food dessert
92. Host a cocktail party
93. Try acupuncture
94. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater
95. Visit the Grand Canyon
96. Chop my own firewood
97. Take a spontaneous weekend adventure
98. Go to a WWE match
99. Learn a new make-up technique
100. See a comedy show
101. Host a tea party
102. Learn how to meditate
103. Surprise a friend with a gift just because they're awesome
104. Try a new winter sport 
105. Learn three new hair styles
106. Go ATVing
107. Meet one of my favorite authors
108. Ride in a hot air balloon
109. Inspire someone to start their own list
110. Put 10 dollars in a savings account for each goal accomplished

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