hello weekend

Hello!! I couldn't be happier that the weekend is finally here! How was your week? Mine was really busy, but very productive! I even managed to squeeze in some yoga classes. Even though I fit in three classes this week, I'm already feeling a little stronger and rejuvenated, but of course a little sore. It's a good sore though! The kind that makes you excited to workout even more. You know what I mean, right? Although this was a pretty good week, I'm definitely ready for some "me time" and fun this weekend! Do you have anything exciting planned?

Have a wonderful weekend!


This baby polar bear is beyond ADORABLE! I can't help but smile when I watch the video.

Madewell is always killing it with their tops. Love the BUTTONS down the back of this shirt and this PLAID silk blouse. I mean c'mon, plaid + silk screams "buy me, right now!"

My friends like to tease me about my intense love for rice. I personally think that a noodle dish is not complete without a side of sticky rice. Luckily, this LITTLE GUY understands me. 

Love this DIY leather cuff that Stripes & Sequins made! It's simple and looks awesome!

Free People always has beautiful dresses. I can't wait to try on THIS one!

How cool is this 3D printer?!! 

I decided that I need this TOTE after seeing it on Lemon Stripes. I've been on the hunt for a red tote after my J.Crew one finally bit the dust. 

Can't wait to try out this gf cream PUFF recipe. Yummy!

Does your dog look like you? Check out these PICTURES for some giggles.

Ever get stuck without a wine opener? Well, ta-da! The ANSWER to your problems awaits.

Sincerely, Jules always wears amazing outfits! I love how she dressed up her LBD this week.

Don't make the same mistake that these people made. Take a RISK for love! You don't want to spend the rest of your life wondering what if.


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