hello weekend

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and warm week. Warm? Ha! A girl can dream, right? I don't know about where you were, but in Boston this week was FREEZING, and I tried to spend as much time inside as possible. No amount of layers could prevent me from turning into an icicle the second I stepped outside. Brrrrr! I'm ready to say au revoir to the polar vortex! 

Stay warm my friends! 


This polar vortex left me craving a hot bowl of soup. In particular, a bowl of chowdah! Check out this RECIPE

Oh, hello beautiful plaid SNEAKERS! Please join my closet soon! 

Didn't mind one bit when I stumbled upon this PHOTO on instagram. Did it just get hot in here? :)

Loving this OUTFIT by Happily Grey.

Looking for the perfect colorblock COAT for winter? Well, look no further!

Are you addicted to buying BEAUTY products? I'm definitely guilty of numbers 5, 13, 14, and 24. Oops!

I really enjoyed this POST on body image by Grace. 

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