hello weekend

Happy weekend lovelies! In case you didn't already know, it's FREEZING in Boston!! I've started lingering in bed longer in the morning because the mere thought of waiting outside for the bus makes me chilly. Oh! Also, I've mastered the art of becoming a turtle. Yes, you heard me right! I wrap my Zara blanket scarf around my neck, and then lower my head down into the scarf like a turtle going into its shell. Don't ask me why or how I started calling this my turtle mode because I have no idea. Let's just blame it on the cold getting to my brain!

Stay warm my friends!


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect handbag, and I think this COACH one is perfect!

Such an inspirational commercial featuring SEAHAWKS player Derrick Coleman.

Calligraphy is all the rage now! Learned about this great starter KIT after reading this POST on The Fox & She.

Want to know what city you should live in? Take this QUIZ! I’m supposed to live in LA! I'm made for sunshine! :)

Sarah never fails to create delicious new dishes! I’m currently drooling over her broccolini fried RICE and shitake bok choy soba NOODLES.

Free People always has the best causal shirts. I have my eye on these three! I, II, and III.

Blair Eadie’s (major girl crush) ring stacking how-to GUIDE.

Want to debunk the five most common beauty MYTHS?

Perusing the Nordstrom's website (per usual) and discovered this fun bunny SWEATSHIRT and dotted shift DRESS


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