happy (belated) hat day

Happy belated Hat Day everyone! My sincerest apologies for not acknowledging the holiday when it actually happened (January 15th), but I truthfully did not know such a holiday existed. I'm all for celebrating every day, but wowit's hard to keep track of them!

I had been eyeing this hat for a very long time and finally snatched it up once it went on sale! I think hats are great, and practical for a myriad of reasons: sun protection, bad hair days, bad face days, warmth during the winter, etc. You get the picture. But let's be honest, I wear hats because they're cute, they make my outfit that much cooler, and make me feel a bit more sassy. :) What kind of hats do you like to wear? I'm currently in the market for a floppy hat!

Happy Almost Friday!


baseball hat: j.crew

Photography by Paul Hatfield

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