Caught Red Handed

Whoops! I disappeared on you guys for a little bit! Things have been a little hectic with celebrating my birthday and preparing for my trip to Kauai. I can’t really complain about being busy though, since it's been all fun things.

Speaking of fun things, Paul and I saw the new Hunger Games movie!!! I was so excited to see it, especially since enough time had past since I read the books that I’d forgotten some of the plot. I’ll admit that the beginning of the movie caused me to tear up quite a few times. What can I say?! I’m a crybaby! I definitely recommend watching the Hunger Games. I also HIGHLY suggest that you make sure your significant other (ahem, Paul), friends, and family members take a little Hunger Games refresher course before going with you. Let’s just say Paul had a million questions during the movie, and I had no time to answer them. And for the record, asking a million questions during movies is totally my typical role. Yes, I am THAT person. :)

OMG! I almost forgot to tell you about my recent T.J. Maxx find! I’ve been meaning to buy some leathers gloves for what seems like forever, and luckily I found these perfect Ralph Lauren gloves at my local T. J. Maxx store. Not only are they the perfect red color, but they also have cute little gold button details! I was so excited and my hands have been thanking me every day since that purchase.

Thank you for reading!! 

p.s. I’m currently soaking up some much needed sun in Kauai! Keep up with my adventures on Instagram!!

coat: j. crew
shirt: j. crew (old)
cardigan: j. crew
pants: paige
boots: bandolino
watch:gucci (vintage)

Photos by Karina. Edited by Paul Hatfield.

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