Play Ball

There is something about watching a baseball game with your family that is just plain fun; maybe it's devouring overpriced hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn. Haha. I enjoy sports, but I'm not one to spend a couple of hours watching a game on TV. I much prefer being at the stadium, where I can take part in all the excitement, while pretending that I know what's going on :).

Another perk of going to a game, is dressing up in sports apparel! I found this jersey in my sister's closet and instantly knew that I had to wear it to the game. Not only was it cute, but it was the perfect layer for an evening spent watching baseball. On a side note: I really need to get some Boston Red Sox gear!

Angels jersey // American Apparel t-shirt // Old Navy jeans // Gucci watch // BaubleBar bracelets // J. Crew bangle // Converse sneakers

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend!!


Photography by Paul Hatfield

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