hello weekend

Happy Weekend everyone!! I don't have much to say except that this was a pretty good week. It feels nice to eat delicious food again and to get back to yoga. I'm feeling pretty darn sore and I'm loving it! I really do think that my body is already starting to change. I mean, who doesn't want to feel stronger and more toned? I'm hoping all of this yoga will make me more graceful and less of a klutz. Fingers crossed!!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm my friends!


Have you checked out my 110 in 1,100 days LIST? I have 1 down and 109 to go! I'm currently working on numbers 20, 38, and 64!

Earlier this week I stumbled across the New York Times list of PLACES TO GO in 2014. I highly recommend you check it out! There are so many amazing places on there and some are located right here in the US!

J.Crew's new SPRING COLLECTION has arrived! Here are a few items that I already have in my online shopping cart: SWEATER, BASEBALL HAT, and KNIT TEE

Speaking of J.Crew, have you heard about their new DENIM? They are now using a new material so your jeans are guaranteed to hold their shape and not become baggy, even after several wears! I can't wait to try on the TOOTHPICK jeans and the BOYFRIEND jeans.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Check out this GIFT GUIDE for men!! Don't forget that the men in our lives deserve some VIP treatment on Valentine's Day too.

I loved Mary's VIDEO for French Connections new Spring collection!

This Superbowl COMMERCIAL was an obvious favorite of mine. How can you not love that puppy face?!

Major sale happening over on SHOPBOP! I'm loving these MOTO PANTS, CROSSBODY BAG, and DRESS!!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and a new trend is SCENTED runways. Do you think that adding perfume or other scents to the runway help convey the designers' story better? I think it's a pretty neat idea, but my allergies think otherwise. 


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