Green Florals

Wow, last week was crazy! I was the only one who had the privilege of actually showing up to work (joking!), as everyone else was on vacation. And my luck got better, because it happened to be one of the craziest weeks at work, AND it was also the same week as my midterm for the second semester of my summer class.  But regardless of the days without lunch, the constant chaos, and the sting of my sleep deprived eyes, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment after successfully reaching the end of what seemed like a never ending tunnel. Of course, now I'm thoroughly exhausted, and already looking forward to some time to relax next weekend!

These pictures are actually from the 3rd, but I didn't have a chance to post them until now. You'll have to excuse the wrinkly clothes and messy hair, they were taken after a long day of work. 

J. Crew chambray shirt // J. Crew skirt (old, dare I say vintage?) // Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes // Essie Avenue Maintain 

Photos by Paul Hatfield

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