Coffee Break // Daydreaming

I typically find myself daydreaming while I'm on my way to and from work. I think the lull of the bus and the T make it easier for me to get lost in my thoughts. When I let my mind wander, I often find myself making to-do lists and planning out my next few days. Although planning and organizing my week keeps the stress at bay during busy weeks, it's not nearly as enjoyable as a few minutes of free, unhindered thinking. To me, daydreaming is just that; it's a time for my mind to let go and think of things, from  the relaxing to the just plain ridiculous. It's the few minutes in the day (if I'm lucky, this happens every day) when rules and reality do not apply.

All of that being said, I've recently caught myself daydreaming more than usual. I can assure you it's not because this summer has been stress-free; in fact it's been quite the opposite. When I tried to figure out why I've been day dreaming more than usual, I realized that my crazy schedule is most likely the culprit. Besides the amazing support from my family, friends, and of course Paul, the few minutes a day that I let myself daydream has made this summer bearable, and, to be honest, even enjoyable. Although daydreaming is not meditation (I do want to start practicing that too!), it's my way to deal with the everyday stresses of life, and give myself a few minutes to reset before I tackle my next challenge. 

So I encourage all of you to take a few minutes out of your day to let your mind wander, whether that be by day dreaming, meditating, reading, walking, or anything really. You never know what crazy new ideas might pop into your head!

Happy Daydreaming!


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