Word Study: Sisters

The meaning of sisters has been on my mind all week. It felt fitting to write about sisters today because today is my beautiful little sister's 20th birthday! I honestly still can't believe that twenty years ago today, my parents gave me the greatest gift of all, a little sister.

According to the dictionary, a sister is defined as the following:
1: a female who has one or both parents in common with another
2: a girl or woman regarded as a comrade
3: a girl or woman who shares with a another a common national or racial origin

Now, I'm not one to typically argue with Merriam-Webster, but when it comes to defining what a sister is, they really missed the mark. I'll admit right now that I don't have a Masters or PhD in English, but I do have a sister, and if you ask me that gives me all the authority I need to pick a fight with the famous M-W. If my twenty year relationship with my sister has taught me anything, it's that being a sister is a whole lot more than genetics. 

So here's my definition of a sister:
A sister is your best friend, your partner in crime, and your confidant. She is fiercely loyal, a motivator, and your biggest fan. She doesn't always agree with your choices in life, but she will always support your dreams and will be there to pick up the pieces when things don't go according to plan. A sister is the one person that you can call at all hours of the night, and the only person that will stand by your side even when you had a fight just an hour before. She is the only relationship that is truly unbreakable. 

How do you like that for a definition Merriam-Webster? 

Karina, you are my definition of a sister. Happy 20th Birthday!


  1. after reading your definition, Karina, i sure wish i had a sister like yours! what a blessing she is! and what a blessing you are to her (and your folks) for posting this. ><>KKC (ask your mom)


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