looking forward

Happy April lovelies! I sincerely apologize for the radio silence over here in S+W land.

Over the past couple months, my immune system was not very happy with me, which made me feel like I was in a constant game of tug of war. #strugglebus Listen, I'm not one to complain about playing fun games, but this was less than enjoyable and definitely not fun. Fortunately, things are finally on the up-and-up! 

In other news, if you follow me on Instagram (@kimikokossler) then you might have figured out that I've been in the process of changing jobs (more on that later). It's super exciting, but also sad because I miss my peeps at my old office. That being said, I'm always happy to meet new people and add them to my entourage! Alright I know, I'm nowhere near cool enough to have an entourage, but let's just pretend that I am for the rest of this post. Okay?? Thanks!

I promise I'm going to stop typing soon, and spare you from any more of my rambling (key word being "soon")! April 1st was not only exciting because it was my first day at my new job, but also because Sunshine + Wellies turned 1 year old! YAY! I'm looking forward to many more years of chatting about all things fashion and life, and to the continued growth of this blog. Thank you all for your endless support and for joining me on this crazy adventure!

coat: zara
dress: madewell
tights: gap
boots: banana republic (borrowed)

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