Happy Friday lovelies! This week has gone by SO slowly. Maybe it's because I was working while the rest of the state had Monday off, or maybe because the recent weather makes it feel like we are back in Winter. Whatever the reason, I'm so excited that Friday has finally arrived!!

Here are some alternate titles for today's post: "When I don't feel like getting dressed," "I slept through all three of my alarms," and "no thinking required." Of course I didn't pick any of those because I didn't want to freak any of you out, but let's face iteveryone has a go-to outfit they wear when they don't want to put that much thought into getting dressed. This is mine: oversize button down, comfy pants/jeans, boots, and a large bag. Why a large bag? I'm not sure why, but I seem to always have a million things (read: multiple chap sticks, lip glosses, tissues, extra pair of shoes, socks, a book, snacks...so basically a mini Target store, but the kind with the pharmacy and grocery store) that I need to have with me at all times. I mean, that's why large bags were invented, right? Right! Well, at the end of the day I blame Mary Poppins for making me think it's okay to carry everything but the kitchen sink in your purse. :)

On a separate, but not completely different note: I'm obsessed with this Free People bag. So many options...crossbody, tote, and reversible! Dreams do come true! 

shirt: j.crew (old)
pants: j.crew 
bag: free people
boots: enzo angiolini

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