Okay, so you know when you see something at the store and you just gotta have it? Well this Free People shirt was one of those items for me. As we all know, I LOVE button down shirts, and this oversize see-through one needed to join my collection.

So why are we chatting about this? Well, because this amazing top sat in my closet for close to a year before I was brave enough to wear it. I would wear it around my apartment, but I had always came up with a reason to not wear it outside: it's too cold, it's too see-through, or my favorite excuse...I'll wear it after I've worked out a bunch. After much deliberation (with myself of course) I decided to stop making excuses and to stop hiding this top in the closet. 

I know it might seem weird for someone to have a style blog and yet still worry about what other people will think of my outfit or how I look, but hey, I'm only human. As hard as we try, I think we all feel self conscious every once in a while. I'm definitely nowhere near perfect and still have my hang-ups, but wearing this top and saying 'to heck with it' was a step in the right direction. :)

shirt: free people 
pants: j.crew
  boots:enzo angiolini

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