Weekly It List

4.29.13 Weekly It List


Hellooo everyone! This past weekend was so beautiful, and the temperature was just right. Tulips are blooming everywhere, and the once naked trees are now fully clothed in one of a kind floral gowns. I'm looking forward to picnics on the Common, baseball games at Fenway Park and, most importantly, seeing my family! The very end of April and the beginning of May means it's time for two very special people in my life to turn yet another year older. Sorry Mom, I'm sure you didn't want to be reminded of that. I'm pretty sure I have my sister's gift all figured out, but I'm still working on my mom's gift. Luckily, I have some time to finalize their presents, since I won't see them until mid May. 

On a side note: I know that I haven't posted any pictures in the past few weeks, but I promise there will be pictures this week! Keep an eye out for my new outfit post!

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