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A few thoughts about yesterday that kind of/sort of pertain to this outfit post:

1. I forgot my phone at home. Now, I would typically be fine with this (minus the serious separation anxiety from not being able to Instagram), but yesterday was not just an ordinary day for me, it was my very first Red Sox game! I don't know how much you know about Red Sox fans, but they can be a little on the crazy side (by that I mean crazy awesome...I think), and I was a tad bit wary of navigating through the huge crowds without my phone. On a slightly different note, I had a great time at the game and now feel less like an outsider!

2. One of my lovely friends at work offered to drive me home quickly to get my phone! Yay for working with super awesome people!

3. I had every intention of showing my shoes in these photos, but that plan was derailed when I realized that I brought my heels home last week. I know, I could have just taken pictures with the flats I was wearing, but it just didn't feel like they would do the clothes justice. Now remember when I told you that I quickly ran home to get my phone? Well, I walked right by the heels I wanted to wear, but of course I didn't notice them, because it wasn't until after I got back to the office that I realized they weren't in my desk drawer. Kills me! 

4. I got my bangs trimmed a couple of weekends ago. She did the complete opposite of a bang up job , hence having to resort to pinning my bangs back until they grow out a tad bit.

Oh! One more thing: Happy Wednesday

jean jacket: madewell (on sale!)
dress: madewell (on sale!)
belt: h&m
jewelry: j.crew 
 nails: essie geranium

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