birds of a feather

Now don't get me wrong, I love ALL gifts! Especially when they are unexpected and from a foreign place. But I have to say one of the most exciting gifts I have ever received from someone traveling the world is this adorable bird print dress. No, it doesn't have anything on it to indicate that it was purchased in London and looks just like a dress that you could easily find elsewhere. But, this dress is extra special to me because while Jill was having an amazing adventure in London, she still managed to think of me and knew how much I would love this dress. Of course this is only one of a million great things that Jill has done for me over the course of our friendship, but nonetheless, it's always nice to be reminded that someone truly understands you (even your quirks) and is always thinking of you. <3

dress: portobello market, notting hill, london
cardigan: madewell
 nails: essie geranium

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